Met alot of people on the uni tonight

First off, just to clear something up, I usually sleep all day, work all afternoon, and uni all night. I go out a block away to a college campus near my house and unicycle around (doesn’t it seem that college campuses are great places to uni?). There is a house on the corner facing the campus that usually throws a party every other night, and people usually hang out there all the other nights.

I was carrying my uni to the campus tonight instead of riding there, and as i’m crossing the street, two girls run up to me and asked to see me ride, so i rode a little and talked to one of them while the other just watched. She was really nice asking the usual questions. I introduced myself and she told me her name was erin. Then they left saying it was nice to meet me.

Later, As i just finished hopping up about 20 stairs these two guys walk over and start talking to me. One guy waxed up a picnic table bench and put on some roller blades while another guy talked to me. He told me that he’s always over at that house watching me with about 30 other people almost every night for what must be since the first time i want out. He said that i was much better with made me laugh. Apparently he came over to watch his frind pull off some roller blading tricks. His friend did some pretty impressive grinds off the table and i told him he was pretty talented. He said that was pretty good coming from a guy with one wheel. They asked if i had been going up and down one street with my headphones on a few times, i told them “yeah, that was me.” They said of course because who else in this town can uni? Made me feel kina good. They left and i told them to take it easy, they told me to keep up the good work.

A little later, two girls from my school came up to me and started talking to me. Girls who had never really said anything to me all the four years we went to school together. They were pretty impressed. They asked me how my summer was going and where i was going to college next year and all that. Nothing to notworthy besides the fact that they DID talk to me.

Not much else to report on tonight’s ride. I am finding my new KH saddle to be a bit of a pain when it comes to hopping saddle in front.

That’s about it. G’night all.

Re: Met alot of people on the uni tonight

I would like to have uni’ed in college.

I smiled reading your post. It’s definitely cool when people get

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Re: Met alot of people on the uni tonight

You get used to it. So much so that now I find my Miyata odd feeling. Try putting your hand where the seat starts to narrow.