Messing aroud in the snow

My friend and i had a snowday today, so we played around. This video is the result

Note:There is not any good riding in here, but a few good UPD’s, and lots of fun.

Cool. I made a similar video yesterday, and I was really hoping for snowday today, but they had plowed the roads so I didn’t get one.

How much snow did u get?

8 or 9 inches

You guys are lucky, I’ve never seen snow before.

i always forget that there are people who never see snow…

I hate the snow to tell the truth though. Dont mind clod but cant stand snow

You’re the lucky one.

yeah, really. move to a place (like kalamazoo michigan) that get’s lake effect snow. that’s real fun. (sarcasm).

well, i’m glad that we here in SE Michigan didn’t get as much snow as forecasted.

ridiculous antics there det-riot! i was out tubing down a sled hill, and you managed to make it outside to uni.

lol, i love snow, almost as much as i love uni…i dont know why everyone hates it, i love snow, love the cold and love uni…