messed up ankles

how do i stop the flesh from my ankles from getting ripped off when ever i ride down stairs or jump off things, its pissing me off, theres gross scars and stuff

Just try to learn to work around it. I use to smack my left ankle on the crank every time I rode, but I just went easy for a while to let it heal and worked on my form a little, and now I don’t hit it anymore!

You could buy some protective gear, too, but that costs too much money.

You could go here…

and either by the Duallys under shoes…or the sixsixone ankle biters under support products.


the regular duallys are under closeouts.

i see, i hit the same ankle every time, it sucks, im gonna go get some vans high tops that cover my ankles until i stop doing it

while you wait for it to heal but a band aid on it and wear socks that cover the spot so that it doesnt rip the skin as much. If you want it to heal faster don’t pick at the scab too.

I use the T2 active ankle braces. They fit easily in any shoe and provide effective ankle support, and they totally shield your ankle bones; all FOUR of them!:smiley:

Just buy some soccer shingaurds with ankle protection and cut off the ankle protection.