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I read the newsgroup from and most times enjoy the meaningless and light-hearted back and forth banter of a thread. Sometimes I forget though that some like yourself read the group by downloading the posts as email into your inbox. I can understand how frustrating it is to have to sort through the drivel, especially if it’s not associated with unicycling.

There seems to be a huge grey area at times between messages that are associated with unicycling and associated otherwise. Who’s to be the judge, though? I agree that some probably feel the Marmite thread has veered off and is only still loosely connected with unicycling if at all (of course, it is still largely connected in my mind).

I know the newsgroup has discussed this aforementioned subject plenty but isn’t it a matter of what gets sent FROM the newsgroup to inboxes rather than what gets sent TO How can one control what gets sent TO Maybe I don’t fully understand how the newsgroup servers work. The back and forth banter is fun for some on but can be frustrating for inboxers.