Merry Xmas

We got this a few years back from Hallmark. I love opening up the Xmas box and re-finding it again!



thats awsome i want one
is that curiouse george?

That’s Curios George. After I posted the pic I remembered something…

When I got that ornimant, I was only into mountainbiking, and got that one because it was ‘close enough’

The first Xmas after uni-ing, it’s personal value increased 10 fold

The little monkey’s looking a bit green.


I enjoyed that pun, thanx for the laugh i needed it(im moving right now so im under alot of stress).

Re: nice

eBay, my friend, eBay. If there aren’t any for sale at the moment, just wait a few days and you’ll probably see one!

I hope this is made in Japan


Maybe I AM addicted…