merry xmas

well, its that season again, a season of giving and receiving, and I shall be
gettting a … guess… a (clue, starts with letter ‘u’)… a… oh well
maybe I’ll tell you all about it next year. Meanwhile back in the jungle the
company I work for has announced a new dress code which means, no suits, no ties

  • thus more unicycling to work !! As has now become tradition with me now, I did
    the last day b4 xmas (today) comute by uni. I’ve also discovered just how
    important the “right” clothing is: clues:
  1. big boots, dont give enough ankle movement and much feed back from pedals
    (although maybe useful for Muni ankle protection - Mr Bier!)
  2. big camo trousers are prone to catch on the cranks : picture this: you’re
    standing 8ft tall on a coker, you’re going down a steep hill, traffic is
    passing at 50mph, you have 20Watts of lighting on your head and its wobbling,
    then your trousers catch the cranks. not good. luckily the said head did’nt
    do a nose dive under the nearest afforementioned speeding vehicle.

mmm, well I’m going no where near the internet for a good 10days, so a merry
xmas to y’all, and here’s hoping some gifts you recieve dont fit in a stocking!



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