Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

nice video! Merry christmas!

Nice flying!

lol thats cool :wink:

the unicycles flying down the hill after you fall off helps to show how steep that is. The camera kinda kills the slope of MUni.

I loved it! I know it’s probably waaaay steeper than it looks, just by how fast the unis plunge out of control! Merry Christmas!:slight_smile:

Looks fun. Merry Boxing Day!

Makes me wanna buy a MUni :roll_eyes:

Great video. Really steep hill you guys were attempting. Good one :slight_smile:

i wish you would have landed some of those runs.
i like how, the one time you didnt wear your helmet, you almost smacked your head on the tree!

Hehe, yeah i was lucky that time, ooooh we did make a few runs (mainly edd) but i dont think he put them in because they “looked too boring” lol.

byyyeeee leo

1:17 huge air, very impressive. Makes me want to get into Muni also.

Haha at the Limp Bizkit music. Goes with the Koxx-One Hungarian Underground video.

Hope you all had a good xmas & new year.

Nice video Edd, i like the way you’ve slowed some of it down, that hill was huge, we have some different angles of the same footage plus some of Leo making it down the dip & back up the other side… If only i could work out how to put it on my pc i’d post it…

We look forward to meeting with you guys more in 2008.