Merry Christmas?

Those of you who celebrate the holiday, I want to know if you asked for anything unicycle-related.

My Torker LX got seriously destroyed about two weeks ago…so I started looking for what I could ask for…that would be a considerable upgrade, without TOTALLY breaking the bank.

I asked for ])

Nimbus bliZZard trials uni +

cowskin nimbus gel seat (really, couldn’t resist on an all black/white uni),

Kris Holm Moments 127/110
(I called unidotcom and asked if they would please install this for me, and they did so for $48, rather than the usual $100)

Rollos (fuck yea!)

McDavid Ankleguards (gonna need em with the rollos) - the ones that look like the 661 tall-hard-converse- kind, except with straps too, forget what they’re called. But on amazon they are FAR AND AWAY the highest rated ankleguards of any, 31 reviews and I think 28 were 5*, 2 were 4* and 1 was 3*. Also reasonably priced.

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Thanks for the merry wishes, and the same to you. I asked for some new cranks. Mine got all stripped and junk =/ I want 137mm moments. Yay

Moments, w00t!

I’m hoping for some better lighting. I don’t think I’m visible enough in the dark.

I ordered a new camera, some pedals, a koxx-one green spirit, and a crane for filming :slight_smile:

I picked up one of these recently for riding near dusk:

It is very reflective!


I asked for a new seat and post for my giraffe! Switching one seat back and forth doesn’t cut it.


28" ultimate wheel
170 Qu Ax cranks for offroad 36er (probably won’t be used too much, but the extra leverage will be nice until their inevitable demise)
some white freestyle pedals

: ) Muuurray Christmas everybody!!!

hopefully I don’t sprain my ankle the day after Christmas if you know what I mean ; )

:astonished: that’s quite a nice haul!
who’re you getting to operate said crane? :slight_smile:

I’m getting some new pads as mine are old and far too big for me, some echo TR pedals and hopefully my eiffel tower cranks will arrive before christmas… but probably not :roll_eyes:
merry christmas!


I haven’t thought of that yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve ordered 125 Moments, Moment hub, rollos, 36 blue nipples, and blue rimstrip. At EUC I’m gonna buy a purple rim and clamp. It will look sick. :smiley:

Just a black impact seat and yellow seatclamp :slight_smile: I think that was all I needed, as long as it comes in time because of snow :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and my brother Gary Rockin out for Christmas! I’m the one singing. :sunglasses:

It’s a Wonderful, Jib Jab Life! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Especially for you”
By Terry Peterson 12/20/10

A time for giving, and love and sharing,
A time for family ties
A time for living and above all caring
A time for pumpkin pies

A day to remember, that’s dear to your heart
A day to reach out with hope
A day in December we’re never apart
A day to sled down a slope

A moment for halls, filled with “balls of holly”
A moment that’s shared by so few
A moment to rhyme, and give wishes so jolly
A moment especially for you!


It’s a Hard Rock Christmas with all 5 Peterson Sibs!

Also A Disco Christmas haha!

I love celebrating consumerism! I’m a go buy this, that, those and these! I’ll stuff them all in socks and wake up happy!

Thank you god for walmart, sams club, sears, jc penny, foot locker, radio shack, best buy, and every huge chain store ever made! Thank you also for chinese labor, my cheap over priced good are slightly cheaper since people aren’t getting paid fair wages! Screw goodwill toward man and all that gay stuff, if I’m not cold and hungry it dosen’t matter!

Happy Holidays everybody!

Yeah, f consumerism.
I got a new moment hub, new spokes, new frame, lots of stickers and new seatpost and clamp.

I’m getting a black Impact Gravity frame (probs after new years eve), a try-all stiky lite white tyre, white rim tape and white double bolt seat clamp :smiley: i love christmas


I ride at night a lot and wear elective straps around my ankles. They are very visible, are easy to put on and off, and the up and down motion of the reflection rally catches the eyes of motorists. I can see them visibly react when the lights hit them. Good lights are a must though, for riding in the dark.