Merry Christmas.... to all who celebrate it

hmm thanks i’ll try it… I also got ssx3 online my screename is unidudeDX if you wanna play me. The rest of break is ps2 and muni :smiley:

I had the same problem

I had more space on one side of the wheel than the other between the forks. I took it to this bike shop that was selling unicycles ( actually I was there looking at the unis and it hit me to ask if they could fix it ) the guy looked at it and took it back in his shop and walla!! it was fixed. I think he charged me like 5 bucks, but i’m ok with that cause I don’t know much about unis cept how to ride one ok, so thats my advice if theres a bike shop or something around.



I went to think geen and got a forever flashlight, looks usefull.

Re: Merry Christmas… to all who celebrate it

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>I went to think geen and got a forever flashlight, looks usefull.

What’s that? Is it a flashlight with a built-in generator that you
have to keep squeezing to ‘drive’ it? My parents bought one of those
around 1970 and it was fun in the daytime. Then one night on the
camping I had to pee and started using it for real. Man, the noise
that came out of that thing! I thought that the whole camping would
wake up to that roar and, embarrassed, I peed in the dark.

Technology will have improved a lot since then though. Have green fun
with it.

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the ones now you dont squeeze…

You sort of shake them and theres a conductor type thing that slides up and down a rod and transfers what im lead to believe is massive amounts of static electricity to this loop of metal around one port of the pole, then transferring it into light energy. I dont own one but ive used one once.

Nobody knows how to say merry christmas in italian?

Buon Natale

Thanks, we now know how! rock

And of course Portuguese:
Feliz Natal!