Merry Christmas.... to all who celebrate it

Hope everyone enjoys the time they have off to spend with the family and or loved ones. Remember it is truely about spending time with people you care about and being thankful, well so my mom says .

Merry X’mas everyone :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s just hit midnight in NZ. No sign of the big guy as yet though.

Reason I’m up is because I’m working tonight :frowning:

May you get lot’s of unicycle related presents!


Merry Christmas all!

I hope everyone enjoys themselves, but, seriously, try to keep it under control. You know, don’t get in your car after a few holiday drinks. And if you don’t drink, offer yourself as a safe driver, eh?

I say this because I plan on riding my brand new giraffe, and I’d rather not get cleaned out by a speeding car.

Take care!

Happy Christmas + New Year!
Happy Yuletide!
Merry Christmas!
Seasons Greetings!
Feliz Navidad!
Jouyeux Noel!

can’t think of anymore…

…Happy Hannukah? I’m not Jewish, but there’s bound to be someone here who is.

I second treepotato’s happy giving. But I add the hanukkah of James Potters and i add whatever Italian Organized Crime members would say. I was quite impressed with the number of greeting statements he came up with, good job buddy, I couldnt think of a couple of them just off the top of my head, but you did forget hanukkah. You must be cultured or bored, im unsure.

Viewers of one of tonight’s Simpsons Christmas epispodes will undoubtably have noticed that Ned Flanders had a unicycle for Christmas, and was seen riding it around his front room. Only a brief glimpse, but it looked like a fairly standard, roughly 20" model.

Yay for unis on TV :slight_smile:

  • Sam

Hooray only 11.5 morehours till i can open presents!!! woohoo!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: weeeeeeeee!!!

Re: Merry Christmas… to all who celebrate it

On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:52:06 -0600, fluffinator007
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>I second treepotato’s happy giving. I was quite impressed with the
>number of greeting statements he came up with, good job buddy. You must
>be cultured or bored, im unsure.

Ummm, pssst… treepotato is a she. And I can at least add “Prettige
Kerstdagen” and “Zalig Kerstfeest” to her list. (Both are Dutch.)

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I hope to be a 90 year old guy who rides his unicycle to the store for whiskey and condoms. - J.D. Miller

You win, ok jeez take er easy on me. As for the treepotato being a she…in my country she=he and he=she.

As the list of x-mas wishes is growing I’ll contribute the German ones:
“Frohe Weihnachten” or “Ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest”
And the new years greeting: “Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr”

All those wishes to you,

Here’s a few from my native languages.



Pig Latin:
Errymay RistmasChay!

up to date coverage…

Hey hope everyones having a good Christmas day. I got up around 8, as apposed to when I was younger and i’d get up before 6 due to my older brother getting up and not being able to sleep, so he’d wake me up to, thanks Larry. Then we’d have to wait in anticipation till 6 when we were allowed to get mom and dad up.

So things finally got underway and the presents were opened. I have a cool portable cd player which will be usefull while riding, I think music helps me have more fun. Also got a headset radio, electrci tootbrush, cd boombox, datebook, and other things, I think most of the shopping done for me was in the electronics section at Wal Mart, hehe.

So later we eat food, again. Ate at grandmas yestarday, that was nice. I’m gonna see if we can read the Christmas story from the bible before we eat, and reflect on Jesus’ birth, that should be cool.

Andrew ( currently munching on beef jerky from his stocking )

Christmas rocks…lets all share what we received…I got a new unicycle(freestyle), an orbydisc (a LED frisbee for night), hulk hands which i bought myself kuz i like to feel strong and powerful, an electronic safe that needs iris recognition to be able to turn the lock dial, a stunt kite, some clothes, a universal television remote wrist watch(its awesome,, and i havent yet opened my stocking. Peace

hey all,
merry christmas!
my christmas is a little different this year. Im in france as an exchange student! its kinda sad to have my first christmas away from home (im 15) but its cool here and im having a good time :slight_smile: The trip here was my xmas present but i also got a little something from my ‘host family’.
the dam airlines wouldnt let me bring my unicycle for some reason…so that really sucked, but i managed to hire one for a day and i met up with a unicyclist i know who is also in france at the moment. It was cool, we rode down the champs-elysee and around the eiffel tower and the louvre!
anyways, thats all from me
keep uni-ing in the holidays evry1!

I got my DX unicycle and it’s really cool. Theres a few problems though, the pedals just wouldnt go on, the seat post is too long and the wheel sits in the fork crooked. I can fix the seat post and the pedals are on now, but should I be worried about the crookedwheel? There is more space on one side than the other and I don’t know what to do. Also there was a bolt missing on the bottom of my velo seat and the screws for the fork have different sized tops. If I didn’t have these problems though it is a really cool unicycle (it’s really heave duty) and I’m sure I’ll get it fixed soon.

SHIMS… shims should do the job for your crooked wheel. Or possibly the bearing isnt sitting tight on one side. But I say shims. Try it , never hurts.

i got @ ics with cors and stands a bass stand(guitar) nice new color phone Universe(no i havent seen it till now) a cd/tape recorder and a bunch of other stuff (Including my Car a '69 Karmann Ghia in kick-@$$ condition)and 180 bucks going towards UnderNoInfluence and Universe2 and a PA system and maybe something else if i have leftover cash maybe those new cranks ive been looking at?

All In all i had a Dang good christmas so i can finnaly get a full PA for myband when we open for Mad Caddies in february. Weeeeeee!
Catboy :thinking:

P.S. if you highlight the little confused face with the ??? over him he turns into an Alein i swear try it!

how would I use shims?

mmmm by adding a shim or shims on the top of the bearing. Try it out, never hurts… I’m sure someone else has some more advice for you