Mention unicycling on college applications?

In the next year I will be applying to colleges, and I have become serious enough about unicycling that I may want to include it in my application and/or resume. I assume it is good to stand out from the crowd on an application, but then again is it possible to weird-out admissions people? Unicycling isn’t exactly a practical hobby, tho I suppose it does show dedication, uniqueness and what not.

So, how many of you have included unicycling in one of your resumes for a college or job application?


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well, if there’s a spot for listing your interests/hobbies, I’d put it down. I always write something like this for forms/applications:
unicycling, rubiks cubing, juggling, magic, computers
I dunno if they ever take me seriously, but whatever…

This is going back a ways, 1978, but I put unicycling and juggling as interests on my college applications. Aside from being told at one interview, not related to those interests specifically, that I was not the kind of person they wanted attending that college, I don’t believe it could have been anything but a positive to include it on the application.

I think the fact that you unicycle will show the college that you are an interesting person that is well rounded, which is partially what they look for in their students. I wouldn’t be surprised if there has been a guy on a unicycle riding around the campus at some point, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You might want to ask a school guidance councelor (sp?) but I would bet its a good idea.

In some of my essays (personal statement or whatever) I included unicycling, and learning how to ride a unicycle (showing persistance).

At my last job interview, the interviewer asked if I played any sports or did any exercizing. So, I told him that I am a very avid unicyclist. I didn’t know what reaction to expect, but I was very surprised to find out that the interviewer used to ride as a kid. This sparked a very long conversation about unicycling and how the sport has progressed. I was even able to correctly guess that he used to ride a Schwinn.

So, I’d say that it is a good thing to place on a college app. Especially if there is a section for interests and hobbies.

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Do you really want to go to a College that doesn’t appreciate uniqueness and individuality?

We didn’t have to submit a CV or interview to get into Medschool, it was just exam based, but if we did I probably would have included unicycling.

I had it in my last job application :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the managers at work found out that I unicycled. He said that he hired someone that unicycled about 5 years ago. He read that on his resume he had some quirky phrase that said ‘Unicycling Extroidinare’ or something to that effect. So the manager said that he had to bring this guy in for an interview to get to know him better… he got hired :smiley:

so who knows… definately sets you apart from others.

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On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:08:28 -0600, “tennisgh22” wrote:

>So, how many of you have included unicycling in one of your resumes for
>a college or job application?

Personally I haven’t, because I picked up unicycling after my latest
job interview. But I would do it for sure.

I heard this true story from an instructor at my former uni club:

Of all the applicants for a particular job, two came out equally on
top. One had included in his c.v. that he had acquired level 1 to 3 of
unicycling. When asked whether this was really true, he confirmed and
gave this instructor’s name as a reference. The HR man called the
unicycling instructor which he happened to know, and was given a
colourful account of the personal characteristics required for getting
this far in unicycling, such as perseverance, willingness to explore
new ground, physical fitness.

Guess what, he got the job.

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I always put mountain unicycling on my cv. Makes you stand out and gives you something to talk about.


College admissions officers go through dozens or hundreds of applications per day. They get tired of seeing football etc. Something like unicycling will make your app stand out.

They aren’t supposed to be closedminded people. The worst that could happen to you for putting it down is nothing.

1/3 of my college essays was about unicycling. It was something like “Name 3 things important to you in life.”

I figured unicycling was a good, interesting hobby. Also friends and school.

I think posting it might give you something interesting to talk about that you know very well, and will build your confidence in the interview… However…

you might not want to put this forum on the application. Then they will find out we are all NUTZ!

Unicycling is one of the main focuses of my college application. I’ll let you know in a couple months how that works out for me:). I imagine that like obie said, something that stands out and makes your application more interesting to read can only help.

Thats my personal statement essay about unicycling, if anybody is interested.


I’ve had unicycling on my resume for a couple of years now. I’d say that it comes up in interviews about 50% of the time. So far the reaction has always been positive.

As for including it on a college application, I’d go for it. I can’t remember if I included it on mine because I wasn’t really into it back then. If I were to apply today I would definitely include it.

A lot of colleges actually look at unique talents and hobbies when considering admission, so defiently put down unicycling, juggling, and Rubik’s Cube.


Nice essay.

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When i applied for college, i put unicycling on my list of activites and put down that i was the national pairs unicycling champion for my list of accomplishments and what not. I got accepted a few years agoand when we went to a freshmen first day rally thing, the president of the school was telling us about how we have a great variety of people in our freshmen class. He started saying how many people out of the entire group were on the honor roll in high school and other stuff like that. Then he said “and we have a national pairs unicycling champion here too!” he said “i don’t get it though, isn’t only one person supposed to be on a unicycle? do they fit two people on it for pairs unicycling?”
well, that’s my story. i think you should definately put it on your application, i don’t see any reason not to.