Memphis Unicyclist - MemphoMuniacs Update

Hi everybody,

I’ve added your e-mail address to my Memphis Unicycle Club data base.

I’ve just returned from my vacation in Santiago, Chile where I unicycled
everyday in the heart of the city. The unicycle opened me to lots of fun
adventures and personal interactions. As soon as I have a chance to look at
my agenda I’ll be proposing dates that we might be able to get together to
ride. Feel free to do the same in your neighborhood. Just drop me a line if
you would like to be taken off this list. I’m really looking forward to
another Delta Rendezvous. The next will be number three!


Memphis Unicycle Club / MemphoMuniacs
Tommy Thompson
1616 Eastmoreland
Memphis, TN. 38104
(901) 272-0041 hm.
(901) 230-0476 cell
(901) 452-5600 wk.
One world, one wheel! Having a great time unicycling!

Sorry about that.

Sorry about the above post. I, some how, got the “to post” address in my data base and sent the message to the list by mistake. Don’t worry, you won’t all be receiving my ramblings on a regular basis.