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Hi all,

We are putting together a unicycle club here in Memphis. We are at the stage of needing a logo. Anybody out there wanna be immortalized by the Memphis Unicycle Club using your logo? I know that there is at least a t-shirt in if for you – once we get them printed. Our web site is not really up and running yet ( It is currently an e-place for our webmaster and me to work on the site) but your logo may be the one that adorns all of our club electronic and paper publications, banners, t-shirts, letterhead, business cards, et al. The layout for all of the above has been done – except for the logo. If anybody wants submit a logo please submit it to:

Many thanks,
Memphis Unicycle Club

You live in Memphis, TN and you need to ask what to use as a logo for your club?

I see the King in a brilliant white jump suit poised in mid pelvic shake astride a 20" Monty trials uni.

I’ll see what I can knock up in Photoshop tonight.

Hmm, close. I see the King, yes I do. I see him in a white jump suit also. However, the king does everything large, so he has to be on a Coker. Of course, none of the MUC (Memphis Unicycle Club) members have one, but that may change.

Also, assuming Tommy is still going to use some variation of my motto (“Come on out and play in the MUC”), you’d want to see Elvis rolling that puppy through some mud.

But of course, being the King, none of the mud would actually be on him.


…a pretty little thing,
waitin’ for the King,
down in the jungle room…

Come on, Tommy. It’s gotta have Elvis or Graceland somewhere on it. You just have to choose whether you want the live Elvis or the dead Elvis on your stamp.

Elvis … in spirit form … giving away Lisa Marie at her wedding to Michael Jackson … on unicycles.

Look no further, Tommy.

Is this any use?


RE: Memphis Unicycle Club Logo

> Is this any use?

Use for what? For getting sued? :slight_smile:

Surely the Elvis organization would not approve, but I think it’s a cool
design. Looks like there’s a stand behind the unicycle; something you might
want to paint out if you decide to use this logo.

Stay on top,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“We were discussing Big Mac Meals. I think that has little if anything to do
with cow parts. There are probably more UNICYCLE parts in a Big Mac than cow
parts.” - Greg Harper on cuisine

Yeah you’ll get sued, but nice attitude.

I agree the stand needs to go, and the interface between the seat and his hand is kinda weird, i cant tell whats going on there.

Very cool tho!


Elvis Uni

I think that it is awesome! The Elvis organization in Mempho is sort of like the maffia. They see everything and, indeed, sue everybody. I see a t-shirt with this on it and with no identifiable organization.

Here in Memphis we normally don’t automaticly think Elvis when we think of Memphis - just everybody else doesall over the world, however. In Memphis the Memphomaniacs usually think of the Pyramid, the bridge over the Mississippi (very distinct) the river itself, cotton, Al Green, and of course, racism. Since I’m in the anti-racism business I don’t have much of a sense of humor around this one. However I do have a great sense of humor about Elvis - the King! - and all the hoopla around this icon. Thus, I think that the Elvis on the uni …rocks!

You cant prove its elvis, it just looks like him
-David Kaplan

Re: Memphis Unicycle Club Logo

That logo looks sweet! Uh hu hu, thankyou momma. Peanut butter n’ nanner
sandwhich, deepfried. unh hu hu.

please excuse my elvis-induced yammering.

I find this hilarious. America, the country who’s citizens continually bang on about their constitutional right to freedom of speech and artistic expression but show one hooky image of the King and everyone goes pale.

Britain a country who’s citizens have never had any written rights and yet a punk band can show an image of the Queen with a safety pin through her nose and hardly anyone bats an eyelid.


Douglas Adams got it wrong the geological event horizon isn’t made of shoes it’s made of billions of highly compacted “No Win, No Fee” legal writs.

Just had another thought.

If your going to stick it on a t shirt, the back side should just say.

“Elvis Rolls”

my two cents?

thanx for a very entertaining thread!
personal suggestion and opinion is to go with something that makes sense to the memphis ppl
if u get more excited ref your bridge and pyramid than elvis, please feel free to save us
the ‘come play in the MUC’ slogan idea is brilliant and i trust u’ll have lots of fun and lots of logo design workshops figuring this one out
and lots of beer


So true! The Elvis on the uni does roll! This is so much better than some boring bridge outline and/or a triangle shaped building, a cotton boll, et al. I think that one of the reasons that I got so excited to see it was that it is, as the kids that work with would say, “out da box.” That is why too I got excited to see, too, the Queen punked-out. Yes, Ted and I do hope to have a beer or two as we work up the final draft of the logo. This thread has reminded me to keep it out da box.


Noel -

You don't have a larger image of this do you?  Like, t-shirt sized?

Working on a better version tonight. Will refine the look and then posterise it to make it easier for printing onto a T. Still deciding on whether to go flat black or 4 gray level version. But I do have a Las Vegas Star style font that will work nice for the lettering on the back.

Hmm … Elvis Rolls. I’m picturing sushi, maki style, with banana, rice (of course), a little roe for color, some asian peanut sauce, and perhaps some little fish flakes on top, to represent sequins.

Interesting idea.


RE: Memphis Unicycle Club Logo

> You cant prove its elvis, it just looks like him

Mmm-hmm. But somebody owns that particular image of Elvis. They would have
something to say.

But that’s if they ever saw it. Something like what you’re planning is not a
threat to the Elvis organization and I doubt anyone would have any issues. I
like the Elvis logo.

Next, make sure you get permission from whoever the image of the unicycle
was lifted from… :slight_smile:



It is easy to see how sushi came to mind as it is now a tradition following our Delta MUni Rendezvous Yes, Evis is the King of Wok and Rolls!