Memphis Mud Island Pics (and need help with the video)

Last Sunday I spent the day hopping over the Mississippi River with the Memphis Uni Club. Man, what a great unicycle community they have in Memphis! Great riding, great people.
We were able to ride 1000 miles along and sometimes over the Mississippi River. Boy, were we tired. I have some photos here .

I have a video to post as well, but get the same error as johnfoss got below. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Great photos!! Sorry I couldn’t be there.


What FUN that was! It was great that you took such awesome photos to document a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning riding! Also, thanks for the link to the Mud Island River Park. Most Memphians don’t even know it is there. It is the perfect uni-play ground AND the park’s administrators love it when we come down and entertain the visitors to our city. I can’t wait to show the lads their photos on the web. They will be really excited and inspired to continue to ride and learn new skills - as am I!

Onefiftyfour, you are always welcome at my home and to drop-in on any MUC activity.

I hope that we can get over to Little Rock on the 21st. Are we still on for that ride? You’ll be doing a good deed to introduce unicycling to the Little Rock area before you head back south to Austin. Ride in publicly visable places - for us, as we are looking to expand our uni-circle to Little Rock! Don’t forget to mark your schedule for an after-ride dinner at Lilly’s!


great pix

I’m sure some of them will make there way to the MUC website.

We’re planning a day trip your direction soon. :sunglasses:

Already up on the MUC site - proudly!


Yes, we are still on for that ride. To keep things simple, I suggest we stay in the Little Rock city limits. There are muni trails in a park called Allsopp Park. It’s supposed to be technical and challenging. (description from a local bikeshop website)
If we want more we can coker/29er around the hills of Little Rock or hop on things downtown or both.

Who do you think will come?


Hey, TT:

That’s looks like a great group. Sensational you have a real gang with kids. Are those the ones who learned to ride in half an hour?


“Ride” is sort of a relative term. Most of these kids worked hard to hang with us on our non-practice activities.

Yes, they are a great goup!