Memphis Club in the news

The Memphis Unicycle Club hosted some off-road riding in the Memphis area this past Saturday. Members of the local news media were there. You can see our story and a photo at:

The Commercial Appeal newspaper

For most of the riders, it was their first experience with off-road riding. I think the actual count of attendees was about 20 but we will take 30 as listed in the newspaper article.

We also posted a couple of photos on the MUC website at:

Memphis Unicycle Club

It is good to get good press. hope this makes you club grow. Good job. :smiley:

Congrats. Nice write-up. You can never have too much good press for the sport.:slight_smile:

Great Work!!!

It looks like that the herd is still growing! The kids of the St. George’s Unicycle Club had such a great time at the MUni Clinic that they are heading out again thiis weekend. However, many who could not make last weekend are coming this weekend and bringing thier friends, too! For me the best part is that the kids are taking a leadership role themselves to organize this now on-going event and I get to just strep back and enjoy AND I get to ride a lttle this time.