Memphis area unicycle club performances

The following was written by tmornstar. He did not post it here so I will. The clubs played uni-basketball for a half-time show. This happened Tuesday, March 21.

Wow! What a day the MUC had yesterday!!

A combined force of MUCsters and St. George’s Unicycle Club members ventured to Jackson , Tennessee for a brief performance at Lambuth College and then on to the NAIA, championship game of the woman’s basketball final four.

The demonstration at Lambuth College was a light-hearted look at some of the skills that these kids have acquired which was presented with the backdrop of some live, wonderful low-brass ensemble music. This opportunity for our group was engineered by Steven Patterson, a History professor at Lambuth and MUCster himself!

Following the Lambuth gig, we then traveled the short distance to Oman Arena where, under the glare of a nationally televised lights, we played an amazing game of unicycle basketball. These kids totally shocked me. We had only one previous practice dedicated to basketball. Nobody was more surprised than me when they ACUALLY played and scored several times in a shortened game (due to television scheduling issues). Though the excuse was a uni-basketball game, the real reason (for me) was to give these kids an opportunity to share their hard-won skills and have the opportunity to play together. The event was overwhelmingly well received. The crowd went nuts every time one of the teams scored. Marquise drew robust cheers as he demonstrated his behind-the-back dribbling skills and he drove to the basket. Following the long afternoon of travel and performances we gathered to enjoy our accomplishments and camaraderie and had a pizza dinner together. This was truly a wonderful experience for all of us. Everybody - EVERYBODY - did an amazing job. I was so proud of all of them - all of US! Too, I was very appreciative of the collaborative effort that it took to pull-off this opportunity. Celeste and Rody gave up their afternoons and evenings to drive kids to Jackson. Two St. George’s parents, Liz and Jane, did the same from East Shelby County. Richard, as always, was there to “herd the kittens” and keep everybody inline and focused - including me. Stay tuned, Celeste shot some great video and many, many photos were taken - all soon to be posted on the MUC website and/or the Unicyclist.Com website.


Most of the crowd actually stayed in their seats to watch the kids play. The crowd cheered scores and exciting plays just like a real basketball game. It was great!!