Memory Lane

i was looking through my favorites today and found out i have a ton of stuff i never look at anymore. i found this-

haha old video but i thought someone will probs get a kick out seeing my old style…well its some what the same but very different.

this has been posted before but i thought id throw it up again

enjoy :wink:

jon A

Have you always been amazing! :astonished:

Wow, awesome vid! How long ago was this posted?

Also, are you guys going to Madfest this year? Any_Terrain and I (and possibly someone else) are possibly going.

Haha, I didn’t notice much of a style change, you just have a bigger, more advanced bag of tricks that you use more often. Cool vid. That handrail must’ve been a big deal at the time haha.

i’ll be at madfest. and pretty stoked for it!

i think this vid was made 2ish years ago

very nice video ;)^^

my favourite clips: where you did the 360 down the 7 set…and where you jump on the table :smiley:


Awesome man.

same as above and its really funny that you had a munisaddle:D

Atleast you rode KH back in the day.

To above: he still rides KH now you know.
Cool to see you rode on a oldschool KH, still have it?
I must say you realy improved since then: more tricks and no more “floppy” style.


I can honestly say that this video among a couple others was what made me want to start street unicycling.

Really good video and editing… Thanks for posting

I remember this video being posted. It was just around the time I joined the forum and was starting to practice street.

It was my favourite video for a while, I got a lot of inspiration from it. I think I still have it saved on my computer in my unicycle videos collection.

That would have been a huge 360 if you landed it… :astonished:

This vid is why I learned rolling wraps :slight_smile:

is it somwhere else as on unicyclist?
i can,t watch it here

thanks the 360 down the stairs was awesome

I think the first time I met you was when I was riding your summit and you wanted it back. good times.

Yeah Jon… nice set.

I shall comment again ^.^

This vids awesome. I’d rather watch this vid then another boring flatland vid.