memory foam seat

Hi, i have recently gotten ahold of a small peice of memory foam about 9 inches long, and about 5 inches wide, and anout 3 inches thick. i was wondering if this would make a good seat. this is what i was thinking…

i was thinking that i could chop it to about 1 inch thick… thamn i would take the seat cover off my vello seat and than trim the foam about… hmmm, like 1 1/2 inches thick. i would than glue the strip of memory foam on it.

what i was wondering is:

  1. the memory foam with rip aaprt under my seat cover
  2. be too squishy


sounds comfy, i say go for it. i hope it works.

Yeah it might be a cheap alternative to gel seats. Ive had a memory foam pillow for about 1 year now and its held up great.(I kno that a pillow is not the same as a seat but you get the idea:)) I say go for it…Just keep the old foam from your seat incase you

yeah… i might try it in the next few weeks. i cant do it now because i am saing for a bc wheel. after i get that ill buy the fusion seat cover

were u getting the foam

I need to get the fusion cover, then I can modify my seat to no end! Even though I’m not on my seat all that long. Ride to a spot, then Ill be jumping for the next hour or two. =p

Here’s a little trick I once saw for trimming the foam in your existing seat. I was at a motorcycle rally a few years back and there was a guy there installing gel inserts into motorcycle seats. He had a bunch of pre-formed gel inserts of various sizes and shapes. He’d pick the one for the best fit on a particular seat, then he’d take the cover off the existing seat and cut out the foam so the gel insert would drop right in. The trick is what he used to cut the foam. One of those electric carving knives, like the one your dad uses to carve the thanksgiving turkey. It worked really slick. He got a really nice, accurate cut out of the foam. I’ve since tried this and it works great. Much neater than the hack job you’d get from whacking away at it with a knife or a razor blade.

You can also get a wire, stretch it across a something that doesn’t conduct electricity, so its like a giant wire cheese cutter thingy, and hook up one wire to a high voltage battery, like an extra car battery or something, then the wire will heat up a lot, and will cut through foam like a red hot knife through butter.


If you want to try memory foam I’d suggest cutting a wedge out of the nose of the seat and replacing that wedge with memory foam. Scroll down to the bottom of my Airseat gallery for an example of what I’m talking about. Only instead of cutting out the wedge and throwing it away you’d replace the removed wedge of foam with a wedge of memory foam.

I don’t think you want to put memory foam on the back part of the seat that supports the weight of your butt. That would be too soft and wouldn’t offer much support. It would be better to have the memory foam in the nose of the saddle and right under the area where your crotch sits. That is the same idea as the UDC gel saddle that has the gel insert in the nose of the saddle.