Memory Foam Saddle?

Hey, I was just wondering if anybody had ever used memory foam on their saddle? I just got a memory foam bed and its the most comfortable thing ever, so I think it would be really comfy. I don’t know about prices or weight, but tell me what you guys think.


I think I’m right in saying the KH fusion saddles use memorey foam, atleast at one point in production, mine certainly doesn’t behave like normal foam.

i was in the process of trying to get a couple samples of said memory foam to use in a saddle, but they never actually sent it to me.

jrdugued did an article on this not all that long ago and there is lots of feedback re: the use of memory foam both pro’s and cons in that artical

i have heard it freezes at really high temperatures, so it turns to a rock
dont quote me on that though

I do not think memory foam would be good for saddles. You need support off the base and memory foam would just collapse down. I have it on my bed and it is okay there.

I have used memory foam in a saddle. I got a good sized chunk of the foam used in mattresses from a friend of a friend’s wife who worked at a factory… you get the idea. :roll_eyes:

The foam felt super soft and was plenty thick. The problem with it, was that when I actually sat on it, it compressed totally flat.

Do not use memory foam. I have tried it, and it sucks. You sit on it and it compresses to nothing. When it freezes around -1C here, it turns rock hard. Jrduegod (or something) made a custom saddle the a closed cell foam. Find the thread and do what he did.

I think the basic knowledge is this:

Memory foam = good for whole body support, bad for crotch-only support

I think it needs a lot more surface area to do what it’s designed for. With a unicycle (or bike) seat, you want support on certain areas but not others (the midline for instance). The best seats will offer the support where you need it but not put too much pressure on all the other areas.

Sounds like it wouldn’t be anything to invest in. I didn’t think about the support in some ares thing and it makes sense now.

Thanks guys

I ordered samples from TempurPedic before and was sent no less that 30lbs of spam/junk mail, before I was finally taken off their mailing list. Save a tree…

I have two saddles with memory foam and I have revised one a few times to get a good comfortable set-up. The foam comes in many different firmness / softness ratings and it is very important to get the right one. My first attempts were too firm and my current saddles are about right. They do freeze easy though but that is only a factor for a minute or so and then your body heat warms them up. I have never had a problem with the boys being on fire like I used to get. I am doing rides of 1-2 hours in the saddle all the time. I find my saddles are way way more comfortable than the orgional KH ones.

I have an '07 KH saddle now too but I haven’t given it a test to compare it to my saddles. Maybe in the next few weeks.

With the new KH Freeride saddles now available I don’t think there is much need to explore the memory foam and other alternative foam options. The Fusion Freeride foam is comfy and shaped well. The most comfortable saddle for long road rides that I’ve used so far. Better than any of the modified saddles I’ve made so far including the air + foam saddles I’ve made.

I did the 33 mile Chilly Hilly ride last weekend. It was the first long ride on my new Fusion Freeride foam. I finished the ride with my butt feeling much better than it has in past years doing the same ride.

My saddle is the KH Freeride foam on a Miyata style carbon base. It has a little more curvature in the saddle than the stock KH Freeride saddle. I’m going to play around with the CF base to reduce the curvature and see if that makes it even better.

I don’t want the Fusion Freeride to stop the innovation and new ideas in foam saddle technology. But it does raise the bar from where it was.