Memory foam saddle!

A lot of people have asked about my memory saddle: it is low profile, super comfy, and light. I spent around ten bucks for a pillow, and chopped it up. Everyone that has used it has remarked how nice it is. Even my bro, who cracks his oversized penis so easily, has no problem (an improvement!).

See here:


A very intelligent statement. What wtf?

Hey, I also have an oversized penis… I’m going to look into a saddle like that for myself. What did you say the name of the foam was?? I forgot.

LOL sorry that statement got me!!

Memory Foam

Yeah, that was it!! Gosh, If only I could remember to take my Ginkobaloba pills.

Just tattoo it on your arm.

Is this thing comfier (more comfy?) than the new kh street saddle?

I tried using memory foam for a fusion saddle a while back, and it didn’t work for me at all. I even used a piece thicker than the fusion saddle foam, and it still just compressed so much that it felt like I was just sitting straight on the seatbase.

I find the fusion street extremely comfortable, especially for how thin the padding is. It’s more comfortable than both the regular fusion and fusion freeride.

But you can’t really go by anyones one opinion of a saddle, everyone has there own preferences.

Yes, I had that problem too. What I did was I got more foam, compressed for a few hours, than quickly put it in. It has enuf foam, and is really comfy.

How much more foam did you put in it than you had on your measurements on your tutorial?

How’d you compress it? Just put something heavy on it for a while?

Yes. I also put it in the fridge for 2hrs, with clamps. I let it sit there, to undo itself, and it took three days :astonished: Plenty enuf time to put it on your seatbase etc. The measurements in the how to are the measurements I used. You can always add more, or less (the beauty of foam).

So do you let the foam compress and then put it somewhere cold? Or just put it under some weights and put it somewhere cold?

compress and leave it for awhile, or leave in the cold+compression.