Memories + photo of the 2006 Lifestyle of the rich and famous 24h race

Hey guys !

The 2006 Lifestyle of the rich and famous 24h race was awesome ! I loved it ! The bikers were nice to us and there was really good organization. There was even a unicycle in the prize that the organizers gave at the end !

We were 8 unicyclists that did the race: Vincent Lemay, Owen Kirby, Julien Renaud, Brian Mackenzie, Jason Mackenzie, Tim Morin, Shamus Rask, Joel Burgess. Jeff Groves was also there but he didnt race and Carl Hoyer was on a bike team.
The trail was 12.64 km which was pretty long for me since Im not a muni rider.

Here is the highlights ( feel free to had the ones that I miss)

  • Vincent Lemay beating Kris Holm’s record with a lap of 1h00 and 47 seconds

  • Owen Kirby’s 2 night laps in a row ( He did those 2 in 5 or 6 hours I think )

  • Owen vomiting after his first lap ( :o )

  • Me passing a biker

A little mag light is really not good for night laps ( see picture in my gallery ) but it makes it funny and look cool.

I know that my pics are crappy but thats all I got (I hope someone has better pic than me )

here is the link to my gallery

If someone could find and post the official results that would be good.

Btw, I found a little red light that flash so if one you guy has lost one just pm me.

I hope that I could make it next years !


Hi Julien. I’m trying to look at the pics, but nothing is there. There’s only 2 or 3 pics that I can see.

wtf?? There is like 60 pics

Does anybody have that same problem?

I’ll see what I can do…

I can see all the photos, Tim M if you can see captions but no photos you might need to change your security settings.

Well done to all the competitors, 24 hour racing looks like lots of fun, one of my uni-goals is to compete in one next year.

I can’t believe you rode a night lap with just a teeny maglite for a light! It does look good taped to your helmet though, very professional!

those are great pics julien.


thanks but



Hahaha! that made me laugh!


Sounds and looks like you had a great ride.
Sorry I was unable to make it.:frowning:


Awww, now I’m really sorry I missed it :’(

they have started posting up pics at





There is also a vid with a couple of us in it as well. It’s on the same page as the other photos.

I just saw that, i’m gonna do up a clip for it with all the bike stuff I got, I’ll throw in some uni’s, but I don’t want to give too much away from the next DVD

here you go, it’s fairly bike heavy…

Cool Brian. Love the Meatloaf track…I was actually playing that tune in my head during all my laps. How’d you know.

Nice editing brian !

ARSH ! I should have said something funny when you were filming me…

Better luck next time I guess…

don’t worry…you did!

and the rest:


owen (w/brian):

joel and owen:



shamus (graciously yielding his climb to allow a biker to pass):



that whole event looks liek a lot of fun.:slight_smile: