Memorial Hall - Street/Flatland/Freestyle ;p

Quick fun vid of yesterdays practice, really just wanted to make a vid to show people that I am actually still riding :slight_smile: Peace.

Chris huriwai i love you so much

that was in capitals but the forums made it lower case… :s


Loved the little skid off the stage at 1:47! :astonished:

I loved the rolling seat out hop up and the caught trey. and Juni watch it again that wasn’t a skid

I’ve watched it several times to make sure and it still looks like a skid off the edge…what am i missing? :thinking:

Theres a rail there :stuck_out_tongue: Or do you call grinds skids?

Ahhh so there is! I should really start watching videos in full screen…I wonder how much detail i’ve missed in most of the vids i’ve watched :thinking:

Edit: Thanks for pointing it out BTW :wink:

railgrind off :stuck_out_tongue:

That was great. Fucking awesome. I like how you pretty much live by rolling or nothing… you definitely have a style of your own, and its great. Keep up the practice, I hope to see you at naucc.

Next time just put one letter in lower case and the rest will stay in upper case

love the catching bro soo sick!!!

Wak! :astonished:
Man, that’s good!