Memorial for a Hero - We bid you adieu, oh beloved Gazzalodi.

After seeing the thread asking about the gazz being discontinued, I’m quite saddened. This thread shall serve as a final electronic resting place for our favorite MUni tire. I’m going to go buy one from my LBS and put it in an altar in my basement. Until my current tire wears out, that is.

This sucks, though. Is the arrow wyde byte going to replace the gazz? Only time will tell.

At least spell it right. :slight_smile:
It’s Gazzaloddi.

I never even got to ride on one… :frowning:

I sense a great disturbance in the force. As though a thousand riders everywhere screamed out and were suddenly silenced.

I feel the pain. The best tire I ever did ride/own. It will be missed.

Track has Fried my brain…

I reverantly apologize to the god of MUni tires.

Stupid edit times.

Is it worth it to buy an extra one (or 2). Will there resale valule increase?

Well, ce la vie. I gave away a virtually new gazz 4 or 5 months ago, too. I would’ve liked to get a few gazzes stored up, but in the end, I already have an alternative tire picked out, which I guess I’ll just have to stick with. I may buy a gazz to keep in the basement, but otherwise, I won’t miss them.

dont you think maybe nokian will bring out someother tire?

I wish I had gotten to try one once before they were gone. I’ve heard great things about them… oh well. I’ll try it one day, I KNOW IT.

c’est la vie. ( :

Funny you should mention that. I knew it was spelled wrong, but this strange sensation of boundless apathy overcame me, with regard tot eh french language. Funny, since it still hasn’t left.

edit: quote instead of edit

…errr, ahem, did I mention that I have a barely used Gazz for sale… $60 Cdn plus shipping.

T’was a good tire. I ran it for many a muni ride. its a shame im selling my last one to Sabin, but upgrades are good for the soul. im switching to 26x3" tubeless. thanks Arrow Racing. you da man!(men)

Thank you Nick:)

I shall put the gazz to good use, i will cherish it always.


good trye but not for me, to heavy and bad for Falls City mud. the last one i had, i sold to Dylan W…i think that was the one he rode in U2 (not the band from Dublin)

the wide byte will not take its place if you like a slightly fatter and heavier tyre. the wide byte has a far better bead and hook for sure though.

The exclusive Canadian Nokian distributor does NOT have any more 24x3 tires.

If you want one, Bedford Unicycles has them.
Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.


info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

They have done this before. I would not worry about it. US bought the whole of the US stock when this happened last time and I know they still have loads left so just give them a call.
My bet is that in 6 months they will start production again.


I just ordered a Gazz from this morning. I think their web site used to say they were out of stock.

For you information, my Gazz has found a new home…thanks for all your interest.

I just ordered one, Sorry to burst anyones bubble that ordered from UDC but they are only $44 here: