Memorable Quotes From My Weekend.

Yup, this is another Toque thread…but this one will be dedicated to the awesome things people said.

Here are some of the ones that stuck in my head:

“could we rent the stair-set? I’ve got a 20$bill in my pocket…”

~ Kevin McMullin tryin’ to bribe the security guy to let us ride on the stair-set.

“Yeah, I’m part of a gang, they’re like my familly”

~ Brian telling my dad about his familly back in California (BLOOD S*** WHAT?!)

“My name’s in the generic…see? right there! it says: Many Others”

~ Mike Clark (or better known as “the gliding guy”) about how Kevin Mcmullin has a little fan-club but nobody seems to like gliding guy. (which is not true! Gliding guy is the best ever!)

You guys got any?

Re: Memorable Quotes From My Weekend.

HAhahaha!:smiley: did it work?did you get to ride there anyway?

I dont get that one.

I just though of another one:

“How many letters are in the french alphabet?”

~ Brian…LOL that was funny…I can’t say it’s his fault though…

…or that one. :thinking:

Nah, he didn’t bite.

As for the other ones…well…I guess you had to be there.

the third one though is funny casue there are the same letters in teh english and french alphabet! DUH?!

Oh ahahaha!ok thats funny.I didnt know that.NODA
Sounds like an awsome…event.

I heard this from woman walking with a kid … on Sunday

"Can you go straight on that thing for any distance …? or you can only go around in circles…? "

~ when I was practicing still stands and going backwards.

when me and phil/hungfromhooks, and a guy he was teaching to uni went to the bike testing area to ride our uni’s…

(some random offical guy watching us ride)
“I wanna learn how to ride a unicycle too”

(his friend who stood beside him)
“Yea but it’s probably easier for a girl to ride one!”

maybe this was said because the random male was being taught by phil, and i was just riding around in circles practicing rolling hops and getting in the b*kes’ way! either way, i giggled.

Althogh I wasn’t there, in the background of one of Jess’ videos, you can hear a Simpsons quote/reference from the My Little Lisa Tree episode:

Woman: “He’s a level 5 vegan.”
Man: “He’s a what?”
Woman: “He’s a level 5 vegan, that means he wont eat anything with a shadow.”

I’M THE ONE THAT SAID THAT!!! :slight_smile:

Those are some pretty sweet quotes Owen

How did the rap battle go with Dan?


yeah, got any vids of that? or at least mp3’s?

Most likely he was ‘indirectly’ referring to the differences in anatomy.

there was none…I was going to do the big RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW thing when I got back from umx on sunday…but Dan wasn’t there…

pretty lame…t’was my fault though…