Membership Committee

Anybody interested in participating in the Membership Committee (MC) please send
an E-Mail to Alberto Ruiz through the newsgroup and/or directly to These is not a cosmetic committee. We have some specific tasks
that will be submitting a document on a specific date, as indicated by the floor
at the IUF Meeting during UX at Beijing. We are interested in everybody’s
opinion, but they must submit it by October 15.

The MC made a draft of a business plan. We will be considering changes to the
business plan until October 15, 2000. By October 31 the MC will submit a final
draft to the Board asking for their approval. Unless the Board sees it
otherwise, at that time the MC will cease to exist. A new MC will be made with
the idea of implementing the business plan and work directly with the IUF
members. This will be the structure of the IUF.

Alberto Ruiz Chairman of the Membership Committee