Melodious MUni Sunday Spin

Got some “ride time” today at Lebanon Hills Bike Park. Wanted to do more tech but had some rubbing issues with my brakes. As they are new … I am still tweaking. Took 'em off and put 'em back on and all was good.
Was not going to film but since time was short I went and rode the mellow track and shot and basically doofed around.
Shug … Duke of the Doofs

Melodious MUni Movie

Haha nice mandolin playing, and I see you’ve caught a bit of the POV bug too! Sure looks like you’re having fun and the trail looks fun as well!:slight_smile:

Yeah, had to spice it up … if you can call it that. :wink:
I feel POV is important in life as well as filming. A fellows point of view in general day to day life can influence how he gets through the day. Did ya’ make time for fun and convince other to make that time?? Yeah Man.
Thankee Terry

That was entertaining, good job! I enjoyed it.