Mellow MUni and Mo'

Hey Uni-folk …
Been a while making a video for me! Although I enjoy watching others on here… some really terrific stuff.

These are some clips from the summer that I found. Trying out and messing with UniGeezer’s “UCC”.
Some of the footage is from yesterday. … good to be out riding in the woods once more.
The MUni action has been dim although I unicycled every day in my shows this summer … but that is my job!

As always … thanks for your time in watching my stuff.

Have some dad-blame fun today!!!

Haha cool Sean! So fun to see other people tryin’ out the UCC concept, and it looks like you got it wired! Also good riding and I like your trials set up at the end…you should show more of that! :smiley:

Had fun with it but have some tweakin’ to do…

Very cool riding and filming. Loved the music too.

Hey, what’s the band’s name. I love bluegrass.

I appreciate that Marty69. Had fun being out there in the cool weather … and had fun in some of the warmer weather from summer.
Sam Bush is brilliant!!!

Any videos of your show online?

Sure UNIfreak … here is a clip from the Minnesota State Fair:

And a show with my wife’s company Xelias called Cirko Cabaret:

And a promo reel:

There ya’ go…

Thanks for sharing the above video’s Sean. Your very talented.

You’re all talent Shug and natural performer.Those videos were a real eye opener.


Thanks fellers… I did start as a Circus Clown :astonished: :astonished: … I know is not what folks on here like to hear but it got me “performing”… and riding and other skills.
In my show I like to show some skill but use the unicycle as a “muse”. Much like hat tricks … folks like a prop one it has been introduced and made to feel comfortable to me and them. Comedy on a uni is given in a show … but when I pleasure ride (MUni, trials or 36er) I am serious and riding for me.
Again … I appreciate the kindness.

I’ve had the pleasure to see Sean’s performance video a couple months ago, and he’s a natural performer with a real gift for comedy & timing. His show is family-friendly and timeless in its style. You can also really tell how much he enjoys performing. :smiley:

Hey shug- nice muni vid- and the other ones of your act are cool as well. I particularly liked the ‘only naturally born surveyor’ line. Keep up your riding!

Sam Bush’s new cd … “Circles Around Me”.

Thanks Terry … mighty nice of you to say… now go ride!!!

I came up with that line in the middle of a show once and it was a keeper. Not everyone gets it but that is the point!!
'Preciate it…