Melburn Roobaix

Are there any Aussies here keen to do the Melbourne Roobaix this year? Its the perfect group ride for a uni and the cobbles keep it challenging.

Let me know if your going?


That’d be great, if only I was in the country :frowning: Hope you’re doing well Tim! Have fun on the roobaix! I’ll be back in November if you want to catch up for a ride :slight_smile:

I’m down in Melbourne sometimes visiting my daughter who is at Melbourne uni, but she’s home on holidays when the Roubaix is on. Might be able to meet up for a muni ride some other time though. Is there a trail near the uni???

hey Dmac. Yeah things are good down here. Hope all is well way up north. Let me know when you are back. Always keen for a ride (although I am a bit rusty on the muni after taking a long break to heal a wobbly knee).

Hi frillneck. Yeah, that would be great. I work at Melbourne Uni and live close by so that would be easy. There are some great trails that start about 15mins ride away. As I said above I am just easing my way back into muni though as I damaged my knee last year. I am building it back up though and am commuting every day on the 36er so should not be a problem.

Just pm me or else email on

trawling (at)


It sounds interesting. I’ll see how fit I am over the next few days and maybe enter.

Thanks, that would be great, I’ll contact you and bring my uni next time I visit Melbourne.
It was very exciting last time we were there to see a 36 on Faraday St from our taxi. “I’ve come to the unicycle city” I thought!! Maybe that was you?