Melbourne Unicyclists, i be pinging ya'

Ok in april from the 19th to the 23rd i am coming to melbourne!

I have not ridden my uni for just under a month due to lack of inspiration and i would like to know if you guys can help.

It would be really great if we could meet up and go for a ride ‘abouts’ as i am sure such a thing would boost my enthusiasm.

i am coming over with my girlfriend and will also be going to several of the comedy festival events :slight_smile: so it would be great to organise something early so as not to irk the ladyfriend…

also i know i said i was going to stop posting, but that was due to the fact i was loosing interest, i hope this sparks me back into interesting…

Thanks guys/girls/other things.

still a pinging ya’

i believe it should be about time to get up for school?

I will probably be staying in Werribi(sp?) which is, from what i remmember, not all that close to Melbourne. But is looking to be the cheapest place to go, being my aunties house and all :slight_smile:

still a pinging!

i might just fill the page with my pings.

hey i thought someone had replied, but it was only me :frowning:

and a wave of sadness swept over the building like the sea around a sandcastle, working its way into ever crack, nook or cranny and slowly destroying what we know a BUCKET CASTLE!

I’m still a ping’in

holy flammelclock i am going to end up with the most views soon :0

I’m up for a ride. If it’s holidays or a weekend.


You pinged me.

You pinged me good.

Also, I just lost the game.

Yeah. Us Melbourneans will be glad to accept you into our riding crew, even if it is just a day.

Keep us up to date.


sweet, my pingas payed off.

well i guess it will be during school time (i am not familiar with your holdays though) so either Sat or Sun…

21st or 22nd? i am good for either but would like to know which one so as i dont go out and get charlie plastered the night before and be unfit for anything the next day and i need to book the tickets for the comedy fest soon :slight_smile: