Melbourne Uni Meets?

Is there any uni meets in or close to Melbourne Australia? or club kind of things, coz there isnt many other uni riders around that i can find or know of

Hey trials2k, you alredy know, but for all you riders out there, there’s a meet on the last sunday of every month at the melbourne museum. PM me if you have any questions.

yeah i know bout that one, but i was wondering if there were any others around… oh well, so is the next one on the 29th of Jan ??

Try here -

yeah thanks for the link, but im more of a trials rider, plus i only have a 20" kh trials, in a month or so, i will probly buy myself a good 24" or something good for muni :slight_smile:

Maybe you could try emailing the Australian Unicycle Society and getting them to ask some of their Melbourne reps, etc.