Melbourne Trip 06

hey guys, heres a video i put together from Tom and I’s trip to melbourne last weekend, i hope you enjoy it!

i uploaded the small file to the gallery if you want higher quality i can upload it later by request.

Melbourne Trip 06 (8 and a half minutes)


Nice! That was so awesome.

Luke is one of my favorite riders to watch, his style is so cool. I liked the trey flip down the 4 and that really long line that Luke did.

Thanks a bunch Spencer. I cant wait to see this.

i hope i spelt your last name right luke

that was an amazing video, looks like a lot of fun. What was the temperature like?

first day a nice 20 something

sat and sunday were about 38 - it was so damn hot

degrees celcius

That was awesome. It looks like you guys found some great places to ride there. Where is Melbourne. I have never heard of it before?

big capital city in victaria, australia

voted most livable city in the world i think

Cool I wish i could go there:p

well i posted before but i dont know wut happened to it. anyway luke your amazing. dude your style is great. defiatly the trey flip was so sick. dude keep up the good work.
later jon

i think you posted that in the thread in rsu?

haha ya i saw that after i posted this. haha im dumb

great movie.

wow, it was about 80% luke.

Its a shame that we taped over max when he landed that grind.

I just saw it. It was sweet editing. You put ALOT of useless footage of me in though. And you didn’t put in the flip gap on the benches 180 off, or the flip off the slanted wall.

yea there was a fair bit of crap of me as well.

That was an awesome video. I wish i could’ve gone riding, but I had to move stuff at my grandma’s. -angry headsplosion-

Anybody else coming to melbourne soon?

Yeah maybe you could do a compressed version.

Dude, now that’s a GOOD video. :sunglasses:
Luke, you insane :astonished: you are SO good at street.
What did you do to your frame? Did you sanded the paint away?
And what kind off pedals do you use?
And that Koxx wheelset is a little offcenter :stuck_out_tongue:
But cool vid, VERY cool vid.


Nice like the seat drop spin thing on the stair rails:)

that was fantastic, great job