Melbourne Trip 06 Video

And now that the vid has downloaded and I have watched it I can post something worthwhile…

Great work on the video production and well done to all the riders. It looks like it turned out to be a fun trip. I wish I could have come along but I’m still not allowed on the uni for another few days yet coz of my wrist. How was the caravan park anyway?

we didnt actuallyend up at a caravan park. mother and father and little bro flew down with us and we stayed in an apartment in the middle of the city. it was really good

Cool, thats alright.

I meant Nails, but i can see how one could mistake it for sauce :wink:

Great vid! I loved the footplant into the sideways wheel-walk. It looked awesome.

The best unicycle-related video I’ve seen in a while. Smooth lines, especially Luke.

Hehehe :-D. Yeah every was makin fun of my lil nipples lol. But damn luke niiice riding!!!