Melbourne Trip 06 Video

hey guys, heres a video i put together from Tom and I’s trip to melbourne last weekend, i hope you enjoy it!

i uploaded the small file to the gallery if you want higher quality i can upload it later by request.

Melbourne Trip 06 (8 and a half minutes)


That was REALLY good! Im very impressed. You guys are so good at 360’s and crankflips. Very flowy. I liked the settings too, very interesting. It looked like a blast. I like the music too. Nice Job!

great video, you look like a really great rider. keep up the good work, I would love to see any other videos you have.

haha thanks guys. i am the guy that actually does like 5 seconds of riding in the whole video cause i suck. the main rider was luke and then tom. Luke is awesome and he treyflips that 4 set !

wow dude luke your amazing!! seriously that was so crazy. the trey down the 4 set. im amazed. keep going luke.

Showing us all how its dun, great vid guys

Im so sorry i got cut off yesterday! I’m downloading it now and taking a nap while it loads. WHEEE!!!

HAHAHA For a minute there I thought the guy’s nipple fell off!

i am really thinking about going to autralia this year!
im happy to know that there is a some nice aussie riders!


What a great raw video. You guys are amazing! I love to see what you can do in the Melbourne environment.

i am so shitted that i missed this :frowning: damn couldn’t get work off. As i said in the other thread: sweet vid guys, that was insane.

I am coming over to the Melbourne in Febuary to watch circe de solei(sp?) and would definately be up for a ride if anyone is willing to teach me some gnarly shit?

I can teach you how to eat bricks…that’s pretty gnarly

man, i am there!

Just spent a good two hours working on my hair, no i have a sore neck and rather tender scalp.

hey when we eat bricks can i have some source? i can never really eat something new with out some source on it.

If by “source” you mean “nails” then yes, you can have as much “source” as you want.

did you really have to put the bit in where i show my nipple? i mean how many people want to look at my nipple!

refer to the cody williams thread.


…and Ed

Yes, Yes that is exactly what i meant

And when you say “source” I’m sure you mean “sauce” hey? As in bbq sauce?:smiley:

No, he meant “source” as in “nails”. Like those pointy bits of metal you use to hammer into bits of wood to hold them together.