Melbourne Street Trip

I went through hell getting this rendered and online for you all so enjoy it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Riders (in order of appearance): Sam Thomas, Andrew Mell, Dan Cowling, Isaac Conyers and Joe Waddington (just the triple for him).

Music: Moksha - Caspian

Filmed on a Sony CX550VE
Edit with Sony Vegas Pro 9

Special thanks to: the organisers of the Monster Street comp, Dan for booking our room, Mike from the YHA for stuffing up the booking, the Israeli guy who stayed in our room and didnt complain when Dan and Joe came back drunk at 3 in the morning and turned on their strobe light, and of course Hannah Banana from the YHA for being so cool about us checking out 1 hour and 15 minutes late and moving Joe’s car out of the carpark over 2 hours late.

Nice! Had a great feel good vibe :sunglasses:

I thought there was way too much filler material at the start - I mean, seriously, unicycling doesn’t start till about a third of the way through. Riding and edit was nice apart from that.

whoops, forgot to give my ‘long intro’ warning. just working with the song and building up the video

I didn’t mind the intro since everything was filmed so well. Great stuff :slight_smile:

Intro was a bit much for me too Isaac xD But more so because I’m at work and don’t have sound on my computer lolol. Sweet riding, all looked pretty casual though. Andrew’s grind to flip was nice to see. Your little ride on the rail was nice and the rest was smooth as always. Must be REALLY hot over there because its becoming unbearable to ride here. Vid got very sexual once the shirts started comin off. Me likey.

I liked it. Felt more like a real production than a clip show. Had good lifestyle imagery, which you don’t see often. Anyone can splice together a clip show and toss some music on it. Good filming and post-prod.

I liked pretty much everything, the whole thing was chill and the riding was really smooth so it went together well. Why does Dan have a mustache though? :S

Pretty sweet! It was really nicely put together, great filming, editing and music.

Oh yes, sorry, I meant to mention your synch and mood matched the music really well.

The intro didn’t bothered me at all. I mean this was a video, not a showreel/demo. Really like the feeling of the vid :slight_smile:

That was awesome! your filming and editing skills have come along way,not too much and not too little.Dan looks scary with a mo :stuck_out_tongue:

yea of course the intro will be boring without music :stuck_out_tongue: (get headphones?) on that note, everyone should either use headphones or turn up ur bass. trust me, the song is soooo much better when u get the deeper sounds of it into ur head!
that ride down the handrail was sort of sketchy and doesnt look as big as it was from that angle, but thanks anyway. It is quite hot here, however Melbourne wasnt too bad.
and yes, u do like shirtless aussie men, you dirty dirty boy.

thankyou to everyone for your nice comments. im aware that 1:20 is quite long for an intro but the intro was used to build up to the big epic part. also this video is not just a riding video, its also an aesthetic video and i will use it for more than just showing to other unicyclists such as showing it off at film school to all the other ‘arty-farty’ students and teachers there in a couple of weeks when i move to sydney. if ur not an ‘arty-farty’ person then i understand that u will not enjoy such a long intro :stuck_out_tongue: lol

not too much? o.O what does that mean?

and yes. ‘Wheres your daughters?’ hahahaha

That was awesome, I actually didn’t notice the intro was really long because it kept me interested.

To be honest, I don’t think people would comment about the intro if it had name tags when you establish the riders at the beginning. Simply because that is what people are used to, it gives people with a shorter attention span something to do, and you already set it up perfectly.

I wonder if he can grow a ginger beard though, have yet to see a ginger-beard that didn’t look bad-ass. Ginger-stash, not so bad-ass.

None of the men in my family can grow facial-hair, maybe this is my subconscious being jealous.

ive seen him with ginger stubble and the mo. its pretty dirty

that was an awesome video! especially that grind bail, that looked sick :slight_smile:

That made me cringe