(Melbourne) selling FAST! 24" learner

24" learner uni, nice and solid and basic in good condition. Quality cranks, if I remember right they’re the 126mm QuAx. Pedals are cheap. I move on Tuesday morning, so it needs to be gone from my apartment on Monday at the latest. Just throw a number at me that seems halfway reasonable. I live in Carlton next to the university, and I don’t have time to deliver.

What happens to it if you don’t get rid of it?

How decent a price is half decent?

I’m not far from Melbourne, so how much do you want for it?


If I can’t sell it, it probably goes in the rubbish, because I can’t really afford to ship the thing. I did find out that i’ll actually be leaving on Friday, but I have no clue where i’ll be after Monday night, or if i’ll be able to check online much.
Really, just bring whatever.
Say, enough for a good thick book to read on the plane.

Well hopefully I will be in the area tomorrow to pick it up, otherwise I might have to let it pass.



i have a friend in melbourn that would be interested as well. He wants to learn. I’ve just sent him the details. He’ll let me know tomorrow. pm your phone number and i’ll get him to call you.

Sorry buddy,
I’ve already snagged it.

no worries.

nicely snagged.

i could have swam over and got it.