Melbourne, Australia

Anyone out there from melbourne, because so far Ive had no luck finding anyone who can ride from around here and im trying to set up a group of riders to go out and hit skate parks or the city or wherever we can find rails, gaps, cool places to ride. send me an email if youre from melbourne or know anyone from melbourne

Check out Julian’s site


Are you keen on doing the Kona 24hr in Redesdale in December?

Unicycles are welcome- thinking I might head over to Oz for some enduro action :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds interesting. I think my marathon days are over. They never really started on a uni. I am about a 2 hour max man.

Still chaffed from 2 x 1 hr rides down a big hill over the last few days. How do the private bits endure 24 hrs?

I will look up some more info and will spread the word and will let Julian know. Could be worth a visit or a team

It’s not too bad actually off-road- you’re on/off the seat all the time. On road is a different story!

But yeah, if we could get a team together also that would be great. I’d like to head over for a solo effort.

Hey, I’ve just registerd. I’m from frankston in Melbourne and looking for a unicycling buddy. :slight_smile:

what about andrew carter?

hey, i am from melbourne too and am looking for some people to ride trials/street with. email me at

there is also a ride on at the melbourne museum on the last sunday of every month at around 2pm. we play a bit of hockey and there is some trials stuff too.

In Australia, most of the cities are a looong way away from each other. I’m in Brisbane. :slight_smile:

I’m from Melbourne! In Greensborough. I’d be keen to hook up for some rides. I do both Trials and Muni. Let me know when you guys wanna go riding.


damn! all these melbourne riders i never knew about!
as i said, i ride with people every month at the museum, but most of those people do more freestyle/circus style. it would be great to go on a ride with some other street/trials riders.