Melbourne 8th-1th of Dec

Hey guys, tom and i are in melbourne and we need to arrange for something to do on the friday saturday and sunday. we’re staying at a hotel near parliament house in the city dad said.

If any of the melbourne riders can do something on these days please reply here to let us know so we can arrang e something.

thanks !

i am free friday all day and sunday afternoon. im sure there will be some guys who are free on saturday though.

Whats the name of the place where u are staying?

i look forward to meeting you and showing you around.


paramount apartments

on exhibition street i think dad said.

I’ll know if i’m free after meeting with my advisor tomorrow. Not sure where there is to go though.

iridemymuni can you pm me your mobile number.

Pmed you

Not sure what days I’d be availible.

I’d hope to try and get down on friday, but now that I think about it, I can’t really do that.

Saturday is a maybe, I’d have to talk to the parents though. I have a party on the friday night though so I’d be buggered.

Sunday is a possiblilty, though my cricket coach will have a testicals on his mantle. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve blown off cricket for unicycling.

I dunno, I’ll talk to the guys.

It’s a pity you’re not staying longer.


Go for it, testicles on a mantle could be nice. very avante gaurd?
anyone lend me a boat?

Go for it, testicles on a mantle could be nice.
anyone lend me a boat?