Melbourne, 10-13 May?

I’m going to be in Melbourne in a week’s time, doing work all day 8th and 9th May, then am going to be pretty flexible about what I’m doing work wise 10th-13th, and am leaving on the 13th.

So I’m like looking to do some riding (duh) and looking for places to ride.

I shall have the Schlumpf which is currently set up as a muni, so I’m hoping to do some muni. I’ve seen the You Yangs Range on the web, and it looks like I can get the train out there to Little River to ride it. Also it occurred to me that if I was to bring my bivvi bag, I might just be able to fit in an overnight trip somewhere. Are there any good 2 day mountain trips near Melbourne? Any that I can get a bus/train to conveniently?

If anyone fancied riding some of this with me, showing me trails etc. that’d be extra double super good too.


Melbourne next week


What you suggest about getting to the You Yangs seems practical. Though I am in Melbourne now, during this particular time I am 98% likely to be in Hong Kong. Of the visible competent unicyclists in Melbourne, most are heavily into street and trials and, as far as I can tell, muni is yet to flourish in Melbourne.

I think I have you email address. I’ll send you an email.