Mel Hall, legendary unicyclist

Here is the clip of legendary unicyclist Mel Hall from the movie “Sensations of 1945”. I had the opportunity to work with Mel in the 1980s when he was performing as Happy the Clown. He did a great (and very clownish) handlebar routine, a hint of which you can see in this clip. And, of course, there is his upside down giraffe unicycle trick. Mel was a fine hand balancer, which no doubt helped him perform this. If this url doesn’t take, just go to YouTube and type in Mel Hall.


That was pretty awesome, eh?

Wow 1+

:smiley: He aint gunna want to get it wrong with all those girls around him :wink:
Off Topic:For my play at school that our year HAS to do is Guys and Dolls and they let me uicycle in that so i suppose its not all that bad but if anyone has seen it or knows about it im in the mission band to fight the sinners…on a unicycle :roll_eyes:

a few weeks ago i was in our schools play seussical and i was in the circus mugurcus (or whatever you call it) on a unicycle.

Great, now I need a mini giraffe and some arm guards