MegaUnicycle/Team Unicycle

Hi all,

I just received this announcement of a cycling event in Northern California.
Note the interesting unicycle categories! I can’t imagine 100mi on a uni, so
maybe it’s a joke? Anybody trying to get a team together?

Cheers, Steve

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Don’t Miss This One

The next ride in the Monthly LowKey Series is the MegaMonsterPinnaclesEnduro
Ride on Saturday 2/11 at 7:00am. This ride is intended to give you a feel for
what its like to be an endurance rider - like Seana Hogan. All are invited to
ride this - if you dare…

A Hogan Warmup Can Be a Pain For You

While 100 miles is just a warmup for Hogan, for many of us riding 100 miles
without drafting will surely test our riding abilities. Can you make it? Have
you prepared properly? Did you bring enough food and water? Can you beat the
elements - the ice cold morning and the extremely windy return?


The rules of the ride are simple. You start, you don’t draft, you finish. You
bring everything you need to survive. Or, plan on getting it along the way. TIP:
Roadkill tastes okay with a little salt and pepper for seasoning.


Individual RAAMster Male Individual RAAMster Female Individual MegaMale A
Individual MegaMale B Individual MegaMale C Individual MegaFemale A Individual
MegaFemale B Individual MegaFemale C MegaTandem MegaUnicycle

Team Male Team Female Team Coed Team Tandem Team Unicycle

For teams, you figure out how many you want on your team and do it.



Approx 100 miles.

Start time

7: 00am

Directions to Start

101 South to Monterey Street exit. Turn left at the stop sign onto Bolsa. Go
straight after the next stop. Park in the Chevron parking lot. We start here.

Course overview

You’ll ride from Gilroy to the Pinnacles National Monument and back following
Highway 25 almost all the way. The course is mostly flat with some rolling
hills as you approach the Pinnacles. It can get pretty windy - especially on
the return.


We may have some form of support - but DON’T count on it! Be SELF-SUFFICIENT!
This will be a challenge, but you’ll love it.

Steve Nash | Computer Sciences Corporation | NASA Ames
Research Center, M/S T27B-2
(415) 604-4517 | Moffett Field, CA 94035