megamo trials rim

an interesting idea,

i wonder how much lighter it is than a monty or alex rim?

they seem to only have a few holes left out so as not to damage the seam

and thats a plazmatic rear trials tyre in the second link.

my friend had a plasmatic, he got it from, but I dont think there around anymore.

It seems hard to believe the drilled rim is still 760 grams even though it’s a dx32…

it must weaken it a bit.
i mean, it is posible to taco even a realy good trials rim like a monty or alex, it’d be even more posible if it was half drilled away.
if someone could tell me convincingly that it wouldn’t weaken the rim then i might just consider atacking my monty rim with a drill.

That does seem high. Maybe they’re including the weight of the extra stout rim strip to keep the tube from bulging out through the holes.

What is the weight of a regular 19" DX32 rim without the extra holes drilled?

i think it’s about 500.

I don’t know either, but I have a Plasmatic tire on my Trials uni. It seems fine in all respects except for a pretty weak sidewall. Not good for hopping up angled stuff, unless you pump it way up.

But I haven’t ridden much on other tires, so I can’t really compare.

I’d tend to agree with you on that. But on the other hand, unlike almost every other application of bike parts to unicycling use, a Trials unicycle only puts a little bit more abuse on a rim than a Trials bike does. They both do the majority of impacting on the rear wheel, with the full weight of the bike and rider on them, and Trials bikes are heavy. Trials bikes do not put as much force on the rim though, because they are effectively at the end of a suspension arm compared to a unicycle. The rider pivots the bike from where his feet are, absorbing some of the impact.

But for the most part, if it’s a “real” Trials rim and people use it, it must hold up decently.

However, if you’re thinking of drilling your own rim, I strongly recommend not making the holes that big. Those rims might get some heat or other treatment after the drilling. By making smaller holes, you’re hedging your bet.

weight weenie :slight_smile: (kiddin’)

also if any canadians are interested Http:// carries the megamo rims and has great prices on many other thiggys

Oh yeah and this guys trustable i’ve bought over 1200 dollars worth of stuff from him! (not all uni)

That’s where I saw the rim. I get some of my bike trials stuff from him. Actually, that’s where I got the Universe video from and gosh darn my trials bike is getting dusty ever since :thinking:

John, do you have a skin wall? that would explain why the sidewalls are so thin.