Mega Bedford Unicycle Show !!!

Greetings unicyclists…

Just a quick note to let you know there will be a mega event this week-end in Toronto featuring outstanding unicyclists you know very well (Ryan Atkins, Sem and Teresa Abrahams) along with other World Class performers.

It is a huge variety event at a theatre in downtown Toronto that will include:
jugglers, unicyclists, hoola-hoop, skipping, circus acts, etc, etc

These are only high-end performers compareable to Cirque Du Soleil and in fact include Cirque Dul Soleil acts as well.

There are many families coming from Ohio, Michigan, Ottawa, etc.
Many people are making a 5 hour drive to attend.
If you are within a days drive, I suggest you make the trip.
You will be glad you did !!!

You can check out the site for more info:

Same name as the Bedford events at the NAUCC, but not the same show at all ! Don’t be confused about the name.

Tickets can be reserved and picked up at the door.

Hope to see you there,

P.S. Please do not leave messages here for more info. I haven’t had the time to read this site in the last year. Call or click on “Darren” on the site and send an e-mail. Thanks !

There are lots of awesome acts on that roster. If it wasn’t across the country for us we’d definitely be there. If it’s within your range, definitely worth the trip!

sounds super exciting!
i’m all grumpy i have to miss it because of plans up north!