Meet these people

Piture the scene: I’m 15 miles into my ride on the 28. I’m on a very narrow section of footpath which runs next to a busy road, heading towards the Pitstop Diner for well-earned coffee and calories.

Coming towards me I see a middle aged couple. There isn’t room to pass them, so I stop a good 20 yards before I reach them, and stand on the grass verge so they can pass.

The man is 60 odd years old, respectable, probably reads the Daily Express. He comments, “Not something you expect to meet along here!”
“What, two pedestrians?” I reply.

There is a pause…

Does not compute…

With a look of confusion and slight embarrassment, he says, “No… that thing… someone on a unicycle, I meant.”

(US readers: This is a Bad Example of the famous British sense of irony.)

The wife is a similar age, tightly permed hair, ultra respectable. She has been middle aged since secondary school. She probably reads the Daily Express so she can sneer at the pinko journalism.

She asks, “Why do you do that? Just for fun?”

There is too much emphasis on the word, “just”. It is clear that in her world, doing something for some other reason, and accidentally enjoying it would be Highly Suspect. Doing something just for fun and with No Good Reason is hedonism of the highest degree. But to her credit, she tries to communicate across the species barrier with this weird little man she sees before her.

“Yes, just for fun,” I tell her. “Though it’ll be more fun in a couple of minutes when I get to the coffee stop at the top of the hill. I’ve done 15 miles on this.”

I may as well have told her I’d come from Mars, or, worse, somewhere awfully common, like Carlton. They make their excuses and walk on.

I ride up to the coffee stop. It’s closed.

truck stop,drip drop.

Hey, I’ve met those people. They’re OK. Thanks for trying to reach them. They were looking through the peephole today. Somedays that door opens up wide. Be ready.

Thanks for all of the lovely ride stories, Mike. Please keep them coming.

Re: Meet these people

is that a better example of the famous british sense of irony?



love the ending…classic :wink:

Re: Meet these people

Oh, thanks for the footnote for us gormless Americans! Too bad the Brits in situ were without benefit of those parenthetical remarks!

Apparently, “the famous British sense of Irony” works in mysterious ways… even for the British!

{note to Mr. Mike: an explanation of your snidery about The Daily Express might have been more helpful than the bit about “British irony” to folks beyond your isle.}

Re: Re: Meet these people

Of course, the reference to the British sense of irony, and the implication that the Americans might need that explanation, was itself ironic. Perhaps your reference to my comment was also ironic, in which case, we are caught in an irony vortex.

“Snidery”? With Rosie?:stuck_out_tongue: The Daily Express, for those who didn’t infer from context, is a mid market tabloid with a very conservative (small ‘c’) readership, and a strident right wing editorial policy. It is the ‘establishment’ paper for people who lack the determination to read the Telegraph.