Meet the "Midnight Special"

Well as some of you know from the ‘what I got for Xmas’ thread… I had an awesome Xmas/bday pressie this year.

Bedford Midnight Special frame meets the Big Apple.

Here’s the frame, the picture doesn’t really do it justice. It is an amazing glossy deep purple. Looks and feels like and expensive piece of jewelery.

the midnight purple frame 1.jpg

Then there’s the Big Apple, with not much more than a Xmas card width of space between the wheel and frame - yikes!

ba clearance.jpg

…and here’s how she looks complete:

midnight special 3.jpg

One word:


That is one beautiful frame.
Almost as beautiful as mine will be once I powdercoat it jade green!!

meh…it’s no Poopcycle…

I’m kidding it’s grandiose!:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s Perdy.

What size wheelset is that?

Big Apple tire 29"

And the rim is a Alex DM18 which is actually a tad narrow for the BA but seems to be working out fine so far. Hub is a Suzue. I had my Kenda Qwest tire on this wheel for summer speedy road riding and didn’t want to have to get a whole new wheelset for the BA. So far so good.

i can feel the light shining on me from here…

now u just need a sticker with the word 'DEEP written in one of those ‘cut-out’ fonts to stick on the side

i have stared longingly at those frames in Darren’s shop on a few occasions. they are beautiful! the picture so does nto do it justice.

I am so jealous of that frame. :astonished:

it almost brought a tear to my eye i can only envy


that frame makes my pee-pee stand up lol:p

paint or powder coat? if that’s powder coat that’s a really nice finish.

Yeah, I’m still waiting to find out how Darren did that finish…powder coat with an high quality paint and some sort of gloss finish I’m guessing.