Meet my little friend


Pokey would be jelious,he’s the original bendable!


Re: Meet my little friend

After falling in love with OE-Quotefix, I read what jagur wrote:
> Pokey would be jelious,he’s the original bendable!

Uh…deja vu here?



nice horse

Is that a sawed off Pashely?

Meet my little friend

Gizmoduck, tomorrow, I’ll check with my Kiwi workmate on the local meaning of “My Little Friend”, … but for now, let me tell you, it was with the utmost trepidation that I peeked at this thread! I’m very glad that your “little friend” is not what I had feared! Oh! The vagaries of English!

What you’ve got is Mojo.

I always keep an eye out for Mojo that I can find along the trail. But you have to be careful. I have found some bad Mojo that causes bad things to happen as soon as you put it on the muni. I currently have no Mojo on my muni. Must go find some good Mojo before Muni Weekend.

Eeesh, I thought this thread would inspire others to show off all their little friends :wink: Surely Sid can’t be the only one.

John, I didn’t call this thread ‘whats your Mojo?’ because Sid doesn’t have any voodoo associations, he just kinda hangs around. I don’t care what luck he brings me. (incidentally though, it’s always been good). He wasn’t on my MUni when I snapped my ankle in Nepal.

nbrazzi- That’s actually a pipe-cuttered-off Pashley. Had to do it cos I’m only 165cm tall. I would guess that I’m at the minimum height required for a Pashley, but I was about to fit a wilder bracket so that necessitated the chop. Of course, now I can’t find the right diameter seatpost (GRRRrrr)

Sendhair- what on earth are you talking about? :thinking: Do you not have a little friend yourself? I think everybody should…they’re good fun and if they’re like Sid you can bend them into all sorts of funny shapes.

p/s John, I remember ‘Bicycling’ magazine used to have a mojo of the month every month. Perhaps we could start one on this forum?

I’ve got this to fit the standard miyata seat post into my pashley. You might think about these (if that’s not what your doing already). Definitely not the best solution, but it works.

seat post shims

I’ve found the whole seat post diameter thing to be exceedingly confusing.

When the fireball is finished it will have mojo.

A Mojo gallery would be interesting. Organizing one would be the difficult part. People would need to send their Mojo pictures and a short description of the Mojo to an editor who would post the picture and description in a gallery. I don’t like the idea of a totally public gallery where everyone can edit, add, and delete any picture.

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On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 13:40:08 -0500, john_childs
<> wrote:

>I don’t like the idea of a totally public
>gallery where everyone can edit, add, and delete any picture.
Or any caption, for that matter. Good point John, I think it is a
weakness of the faces gallery that it’s wide open for anyone to tweak
what’s up.

Klaas Bil

If you had this signature, I have forged it.

That’s a great idea. Might be quite an interesting gallery. Would you like to be editor?

What is this ‘faces’ gallery?


I could act as editor for the gallery. I’ll need to figure out the best way to handle submissions and gallery management. But first I need to find a mojo so I have something to post in the gallery.

The 'faces" gallery was made by Bruce Edwards where members can post their picture so others can see what they look like. See the thread <>

Bruce gave everyone editing permissions for that gallery, but irresponsible juvenile people have been having a little too much fun with that freedom.