Medthods of removing crank nubs.

After my ride today on my new trials uni with KH 2004 hub and qu-ax for KH cranks I noticed my ankles were bleeding. I’ve seen Evan’s vid on removing nubs with an angle grinder, are there any other methods which can be used (tools ect…)? Will removing the nubs be a realy bad idea?


big help, suggest were I would aquire those?

Well, you could have got KH cranks or summat else nubless~??

go get your self a large mill. set the crank into the mill so that the “nub” is parallel to the mill. use a half inch N-mill and take off 50 thousandths a pass until you reach your desired high. be sure not to cut into the weld. remove the crank from the mill and take it to a bench grinder to smooth it out.


take it to a machine shop and they can do it for you. lol

Does anybody here use ankle protection and has a recomendation?

Ive been using 661 ankle biters for a while now, and love them.

I first got them because when I first got my DX, I was hitting my ankle a lot when I was messing up on stairsets and lines. The ankle biters stop the bleeding, but if you get hit hard enough, you will still feel it. They are still worth it.

There was a period where I only had one pair of shoes, and I didnt want to use those for the ankle guards, so I just stopped wearing them, and corrected my foot position, and havent hit my ankle on any nubs since, just from a better posture.

But now that I have a second pair of shoes that can have the ankle biters in them, I use them on every ride, for those really awkward wrecks that hit my ankle into a ledge or rock or something.

An angle gringer will work. You can also take them to a machine shop. The one near me did mine for $10. Here’s a pic of KH/Summit cranks milled down and then using a rounded '04 KH crank bolt.

A milling machine is your number one choice, your school may have on you can use, otherwise you’ll have to find a local machine shop that will do the work for you, they usually charge around £25 an hour.

Here’s a before pic.

nice, did you have any problems after? and it that bolt this kind?

Yep, that’s the bolt. Darren also keeps them. No problems whatsoever.

I removed the nubs off my qu-ax cranks. I used an angle grinder like Evan and it turned out fine.

did you cut out the extractor threads in the nub, was there any issue keeping the surface level?

What about using a shop/bench grinder wheel instead of an angle grinder?

Why don’t you want to use an angle grinder? Its probably the quickest and easiest way. Would take you less than 5 minutes!
Failing that, use a file, might take longer but will do the job.


haha my low budget my mean the file will be the final option, at least i’ll have strong hands at the end of the job :roll_eyes: (hopfuly school can help though)

Hack saw?

yeah I say hack saw then file if you can’t get access to the proper tools for it.

wouldn’t taking the nub off mean you are destroying the threads on the inside that are used to take the crank arm off? if so is there another method of taking the crank arms off?

Did my DX cranks a while ago.