Mechanical Disc

Hi Everyone
Has anybody have some imput on a Mechanical vs Hydraulic Disc on my Nimbus 26 in Muni? The mechanical looks a little more affordable and less headaches.



Unfortunately mechanical brakes are tricky due to their greater width than hydros and unicycles have very tight tolerances. I would be very glad to find a mechanical thin enough to work but so far no one really has. I don’t think it’s impossible but I don’t know of a brake that will work for sure. See the first 3 pages of this thread for more: Disk Brake choice for new Nimbus hub

I tried a Tektro Aquila mech on a 26" uni with MountainUni disc setup, it was pretty close (another 2mm and I would’ve had it) but the clearance just wasn’t there. The Spirit crank arms look thicker than the Sinz to me (reducing clearance), though Spirit cranks have an additional 2mm of offset compared to Moments and Sinz so maybe the additional offset would cancel that out.

The only successful case I know of involved grinding down a no-name caliper for use with a square taper MountainUni disc setup on a 36:…=83260&page=22