measuring bearings/frame compatability?

i searched for any topic that might discuss this but was unable to find what i need.

i have to find out if the frame i have will fit the hub assembly that im getting, how do i measure the frame to make sure the new hub assembly(profiles) will fit my current frame?

well, profiles have an OD of 40mm. What frame are you getting? Pretty much any frame that isn’t custom will fit 40mm. If you are currently using a suzue hub or torker lx hub they have 40mm OD as well.

k awesome, yea the frame i want to use is actually an old torker frame because i want to be able to ride right away when the hub set gets here with the new frame while i paint the new(used) frame and stuff.

what exactly does 40 mm OD mean?
thanks again:)

Just wondering, but what size bearings does the 2006 DX have?


Outside diameter, I think, not completely sure though.

OD is the outside diameter of the bearings