Measurements of a hatchet help

I am working on building a 26" muni. I want to build it to use the same basic part set as the Hatchet, but don’t have the parts yet. Could someone who has one measure the radius of the wheel with the tire on. I need to know how tall to make my frame. Also measure the actual width of the tire it comes with. Thanks

I don’t have a Hatchet but the website listing says it has a 26x3.8" Surly Nate on a 65mm Large Marge rim. Surly has the dimensions of that for you:

Overall diameter 745.0 mm
Knob Shoulder Width 101.0 mm
Max Casing Width 98.0 m
Radius at Knob Shoulder Width 340.0 mm

Pictures when you start building it!

Thanks, thats awesome. I have the designs basically worked out. I just need the time to get it done.

If you want true Hatchet dimensions you’ll want bigger than the Nate as it is a smaller fat tire. My Hatchet measures approx 410mm from the center of the axle to the bottom of the frame, so it could theoretically fit a 800mm tire with sufficient clearance. The Snowshoe 2XL tire is 794mm and is said to fit in the frame.