measurements for a 36''

hi im designing and making a unicycle stand for my product design GCSE that is suitable for al sozes of wheels. i have measurements for a small persons 20’’ but really need measurements for a tall persons 36’’ from the floor to under the seat. if anyone could help me it would be great

Scott, if you look at this picture
Then you’llsee that the bottom of the seat is around a foot higher than the top of the wheel.
A foot, is about 12 inches, so in all the bottom of the seat is probably around 48 inches. This is about 122cm.

thamks jams it would be nice to see something a bit more specific but it helps thanks

About 12 inches? I’ve always taken it to be exactly 12 inches :smiley:

Anyway, as far as exact measurements go, it will depend on the height of the rider, crank length and saddle height preference. You could calculate what height your saddle height would be for a 36" unicycle based on your 20" unicycle - It’s 8" more (Wheel center to floor is 10" on a 20" uni, and 18" on a 36", therefore it’s a difference of 8").


He’s doing a GCSE so he’d better start calling it 30cm.

Surely that presumes he’d be running the same crank length on a 20" as a 36". <=125mm is ordinary on a 20" but >=150mm is ordinary on a 36". Then there’s the tyre. His 20" could have a ~2.5cm and and a 36" have a ~5cm or even up to 7.5cm!
My advice, don’t presume anything. Go to the extremes, calculate the highest seat height for a 205cm guy on a 36" with 100mm cranks and a low profile saddle and the lowest to be a 120cm child on a 16".

Build some mock-up wheel sizes / crank setups with cardboard and get some people of varying heights to lay down while you measure their inseam to pedal positions. You don’t need actual wheels, just props of the right length.

I used to prop my 20" on a guitar stand very similar to this one

The principle of an all-size uni stand is pretty similar IMO.
If you’re going to go for any size of rider then you could either make the centre piece a 3+ part telescopic, or try a design like

Though the weight of a 36" tilted slightly back will probably be a bit severe so you’ll want to give it a back leg. Also, you’d have to very carefully consider the position of the pedals on this sort of model.

I know a guy named Al but his last name isn’t Sozes. Why would you make something for one specific person when you could make something everyone might use?

ha ha im making a unicycle stand to hold a wide range of unicycles, sorry about my spelling its realy awkward to type on a psp

i find it funny that a guitar stand is 100 times more capable of holding a unicycle (easily) than a unicycle stand.

yeah most uni stands are rubbish, thats why im making my own

thanks i worked out an average height to use as a maximum height. i didnt think about checking on for seat post sizes and adding them to the diameter of the wheel and tyre
and i completely forgot about 16’’ unis